Sire, there is no Royal Road to Wisdom

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Time it takes to reinvent yourself: five years.Here’s a description of the five years:

Year One: you’re flailing and reading everything and just starting to DO.

Year Two: you know who you need to talk to and network with. You’re Doing every day. You finally know what the monopoly board looks like in your new endeavors.

Year Three: you’re good enough to start making money. It might not be a living yet.

Year Four: you’re making a good living

Year Five: you’re making wealth

Sometimes I get frustrated in years 1-4. I say, “why isn’t it happening yet?” and I punch the floor and hurt my hand and throw a coconut on the floor in a weird ritual. That’s okay. Just keep going. Or stop and pick a new field. It doesn’t matter. Eventually you’re dead and then it’s hard to reinvent yourself.

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Literally, Figuratively

Do emotions have physical weight?

Literally, no. Figuratively, yes, and knowing this is actually very important for animators and illustrators if they want to convey emotions properly. We often think of characters as having an emotional centre, which can move and change depending on the emotion. Happy, open characters will have a floating emotional core, high up, outside of their body. Movement is easy and free. Sad, depressed characters will have a heavier core that will drag them down, and their arms will be held close to their body as if to hold this heaviness close to them. And so on and so forth :)

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