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{ inercia }: Plugins in Python

  1. inercia:

Looking for a convenient way of extending a Python program with plugins, I found this library. But then I read about how to do it with Python standard tools: just with entry points.

With entry points, your plugin must be installed with a typical setup.py, but you must add your own custom

  1.  https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Plugins/
  2. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/zest.releaser/3.3
  3. http://reinout.vanrees.org/weblog/2010/01/06/zest-releaser-entry-points.html

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A jQuery plugin for effortlessly creating single page web sites. Demo


  • Simple - include pagify.js, create a div, make one jQuery call and you’re done!
  • Lightweight - pagify.js is far less than 100 lines of code, well commented and easy to understand and extend!
  • Flexible - Get started by only specifying a list of pages or customize animations, default pages and caching!
  • Fast - Load all pages upfront or load on the fly; a simple $.get() is used to get content with minimal proccessing!
  • Clean - Replace long HTML files broken up into sections and verbose JS to do the simple task of switching content!
  • Couldn’t find an adjective… - Uses only Javascript and HTML so it can be uploaded like any other static site!

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